Miscellaneous Previous Projects

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Merck Chemical
Waste Water Treatment
Plant Tank Foundations
Merck Chemical
Tank Farm Additions
Foster Wheeler Co-Generation Plant
This 535 cubic yard reinforced concrete super structure is used to house a 170 ton turbine generator at the Foster Wheeler Mt. Carmel Co-Gen Site 
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Foster Wheeler Co-Generation Plant
Reinforced Concrete Cooling Tower Foundation at Mt. Carmel Co-Gen Site
Roaring Creek Water Co.
This 72 foot in diameter concrete foundation is used to house a 2.5 million gallon water storage tank in Natalie, PA
Viking Energy Project
This 324 cubic yard concrete structure is used to house the 150 ton turbine generator in Northumberland, PA

Rocky Falls Stop Gate   Geisinger Medical    Kiwanis Lake

Rocky Falls Stop Gate           Geisinger Medical Center                  Kiwanis Lake
DCNR Rehabilitation,                Underground Utilities                          Concrete Spillway Restoration
Williams Township, PA              Danville, PA                                      York, PA

Merck & Company  PA Department of General Services   Shamokin Area Community Hospital

Merck and Company              PA Dept of General Services             Shamokin Area
New Gas Fired Power plant        Commonwealth Computer Center          Community Hospital
Riverside, PA                          Harrisburg, PA                                   West Wing Addition
                                                                                                 Coal Township, PA